Washington, DC’s Smokin’ on Planes are bewildered about where they belong. They’re nostalgic for the wretched past – when you could actually smoke on planes.


"Their music has a completely absorbing flow, which akin to molten lava sliding down the slopes of a volcano has a variable viscosity."

-Emerging Indie Bands 


Composed of Nick Galasso (guitar/vocals), Omri Malul (drums), and Joe Hamd (bass), SoP’s upcoming EP Washington City is a conjuring of dark and moody guitar tones. Pop-like melodies and a danceable urgency juxtapose the darkness, creating a collection of songs you'll find hard to shake out of your head. The title track is a love letter to the District the threesome calls home. Recognizing DC’s perpetual crookedness, it’s dedicated to the local musicians working hard to show up for their art in an uncertain time. Singles from the EP will begin dropping in November, with the full release in September 2020.




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