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Pre Order the new EP Washington City 

Hola friends-

COVID had us way down. Thankfully, we've unscrewed ourselves sufficiently to bring you this new EP! It contains some tracks we've released as singles since late 2019; and two songs never played live before! 

The EP comes out on September 4th, but you can pre-order it now on CD and we'll send you a free t-shirt (you'll also get a free digital download). Just hop over to our store

Want to hear the music, but don't want to buy anything? No sweat. You can pre-save it on Spotify right now and you'll get it on September 4th. Click here 

New single! Mother's Day 

Mother's Day is a big departure for Smokin' on Planes. The song experiments with modulated drums, synths and even an oboe to create a dark and moody rock song. The lyrics intentionally blur childhood memories. One is hearing The Beatles and Bowie for the first time as a kid played by my mom. The other is being a teenager and riding in a friend's car and feeling free. Download the song and watch the video here. Or stream it anywhere you do that.

New music! New merch!  

Greetings friends! We are excited to announce the release of our new single, Washington City, on November 1st! Pre-Save it on Spotify RIGHT NOW and it'll show up magically in your library on release day. We'll also enter you to win a free SoP t-shirt (that's right, a free t-shirt for pre-saving our new song!).  

Speaking of which, we have new merch! Check out the awesome t-shirts in our store. 

Washington City EP  

Hey friends!

We went into the studio last weekend (Sept 7th & 8th) and laid down two new songs for our upcoming EP, Washington City. The songs are called Doused in Gasoline and Washington City. Both are dark and moody tracks, but they move in a way that we hope will compel you to dance! The song Washington City is a love letter to DC. Well, not all of DC! It's specifically dedicated to our friends in this wonderful and inspiring music community that we're so fortunate to be apart. 

We are back in the studio in mid October to record a couple more tracks for the EP. Follow us on Spotify so you won't miss the new tracks! The EP will be released early next year. 


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