Pre Order the new EP Washington City

Hola friends-

COVID had us way down. Thankfully, we've unscrewed ourselves sufficiently to bring you this new EP! It contains some tracks we've released as singles since late 2019; and two songs never played live before! 

The EP comes out…


New song Interspecies Love is out today!

Hey friends- 

Very happy to let you know that Interspecies Love, a new single that will appear on the Washington City EP is out today! You can stream it on all the platforms and even listen to it right here

New single! Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a big departure for Smokin' on Planes. The song experiments with modulated drums, synths and even an oboe to create a dark and moody rock song. The lyrics intentionally blur childhood memories. One is hearing The Beatles…


Washington City EP

Hey friends!

We went into the studio last weekend (Sept 7th & 8th) and laid down two new songs for our upcoming EP, Washington City. The songs are called Doused in Gasoline and Washington City. Both are dark and moody…